Starfish Vision + Values

We are a network of people who support each other with their projects and share a vision for a more collaborative future.

We serve the blockchain industry, and in a larger context, the development of the evolving web, also often referred to as “Web3”.

One of our core beliefs is that every part of our underlying operational structures as a society can be rebuilt.

The rise of a blockchain driven economy comes with a mindset shift, a focus on interoperability, collaboration and fairer, more participatory systems.

Starfish Mission was founded in April of 2018. Our community utilizes physical spaces and recurring in-person events as anchor points. Here are some aspects of blockchain that we care about, and are working to implement for 2019.


Distributed Authority

We are working to set up a decentralized, collaborative organizational structure to operate our peer-to-peer learning groups, and participatory community. We intend to utilize an incentive-based model, which we are working to develop through focused mechanism design research groups.


Collaboration across industry verticals

Starfish in 2018 was mostly focused on connecting developer communities. Going forward, we also want to foster, or enable collaboration for corporations, funds and non-technical talent, to serve a wider, and more diverse, set of stakeholders in the Web3 industry.


Global Communities

In alignment with our vision for the blockchain and Web3 community in 2024, we are setting up global chapters for peer to peer learning and community-driven incubation, starting with New York, Berlin and Los Angeles.