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Starfish Partners with Blockstack

  • Blockstack is looking for developers & entrepreneurs that want to help end data breaches, predatory ad models, and the commoditization & abuse of individuals' digital identities.

  • They will be offering prizes up to 5k and is giving away 100k per month for app mining developers.

  • By joining us, you’ll benefit both Blockstack’s amazing community (more than 5k developers) and Starfish’s active community (We’ve hosted more than 100 events)


Free Office Space For Dapp Builder


You’ll benefit of a free office space located in the heart of San Francisco on Market. Next to the Twitter, Square and many offices, the neighborhood has a lot to offer in terms of food and drinks. Starfish always host many blockchain events so you’ll have many opportunities to share your work with people in the industry and meet great folks. Co-working members have access to a large boardroom, as well as three additional meeting rooms, podcast equipment, free printing, coffee, tea, snacks, free happy hours, and much more.


Success Stories of the Pioneers


Encrypted Email Service Launches on Blockstack With Bitcoin Features

Dmail uses Blockstack decentralized identities (DIDs), which can be linked to GitHub and social profiles, as well as cryptocurrency addresses, in a way that the user controls.


How this Maker quit his job and made his side projects profitable in 1 year 🚀

Last March, Andrey Azimov quit his job and gave himself one year to get to profitability as an Indie MakerEncrypt My Photos is End-to-End Encrypted 📸 Photo Storage powered by Blockstack.


How Taking Back My Privacy Inspired a Product That Became a Business

Graphite gives you the tools to get work done securely. Document creation and editing, team collaboration, file sharing, and more—all encrypted, all private.

Get Started With App Mining

Learn to build your app and integrate Blockstack auth

Register your functional app on

Register your functional app on

Improve your app. Improve your rank. Earn more BTC

Improve your app. Improve your rank. Earn more BTC


The Better Your App Is, The More You Earn

Blockstack currently pays in BTC for legal compliance. We plan to begin paying Stacks tokens early 2019 provided compliance with all applicable law. See below how much apps have earned in the equivalent of USD each month based on their rank.

See the full report of App Mining rewards for June 2019

Learn About Blockstack


Blockstack PBC, a public benefit corporation at the heart of the Blockstack ecosystem, has raised $50M+ in capital to develop the core protocols and developer tools for the platform. Blockstack is headquartered in New York City, with a globally distributed team that includes computer scientists from Princeton, Stanford, MIT and other top universities.

Learn About Starfish Community

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Starfish is an eclectic, inclusive network of entrepreneurs and innovators, we welcome people who share this vision, drive and collaborative spirit.