Members at Starfish Mission


Aitivity is working on a new blockchain technology, called Proof of Hardware, in which the signed consensus algorithms are executed inside secure enclaves. This new approach allows for blockchains that are highly scalable, energy efficient, secure and capable of handling GDPR/CDPR compliant private data. Specially suited for IOT, mobile and enterprise deployments, this technology has the potential to reach billions of devices very soon as Secure Enclave capabilities become increasingly commonplace.


Founded in 2016, CoMakery accelerates the value of blockchain projects. We connect a diverse set of talented individuals with unique blockchain opportunities, allowing them to contribute and help launch projects that add value to blockchain initiatives.

Their community-based platform allows contributors to be paid in tokens directly from the projects they have provided their expertise to, and in return delivering to them an immediate stake in the blockchain ecosystems they have helped to build.


Blox is the next generation platform suited for companies and individuals for managing & tracking their crypto assets.

With 4 offices around the world and 30 highly motivated professional employees on a mission to change the future of crypto tracking & management. We currently operate out of Gibraltar, San Francisco, Shanghai & Tel Aviv.

Blox is cross-device compatible, with a single login on iOS, Android and Web. Our users can create as many portfolios as they'd like, automatically sync their wallets and exchange accounts to keep track of their blockchain assets and receive insights about the market. provides marketplace technology to a global ecosystem of law firms and legal referral networks addressing a $600B legal industry, so they can coordinate talent, services and workflow 10x better than current methods.

They sell to trusted institutions within the legal service industry, so they can scalably coordinate work flowing to networks of hundreds and thousands of lawyers.From local communities, to global communities of over a billion users supported by major Silicon Valley technology companies, channels legal work to trusted networks of independent legal advisors, to save costs and reduce liability, while measuring & improving user outcomes.

Whyza is the world’s future lifelong educational blockchain certification engine.

Establishing a single source for educational progress, providing an open source platform where education is tied directly to improving the core platform. Structured in a micro service architecture, it allows contributions to our site in any language. Contributors will be rewarded with Whyza tokens that will be critical in our decentralized network. Education will be equally accessible, affordable, certifiable, and translatable to every part of the world.


Pure Knot

Pure Knot is a public relations and communications agency located in San Francisco and New York. We are a dedicated team of public relations pros, marketers, technical writers and storytellers passionate about doing our part to create a decentralized economy.

Pure Knot partners with blockchain, cryptocurrency and emerging technology organizations and startups to guide them through milestones including company launches, product announcements ,partnerships, funding announcements, and ICO/token sales, as well as building a long-term thought leadership foundation through research-based content.  

They bring almost two decades of experience in Silicon Valley, working with bleeding edge startups in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrency, Big Data, enterprise technology, AI and groundbreaking consumer tech. Current blockchain clients include Bitmain, and Embleema.

SF Ethereum Meetup

SF Etherum Meetup is a public forum blockchain enthusiasts and developers, specifically covering topics around and about Ethereum. This 2300+ person group hosts an array of events ranging from self-guided and community led learning to showcasing cutting-edge Ethereum-based projects and is a staple of the Starfish Mission community.

Catalyzing Coherence

Catalyzing Coherence create media, events and technologies that amplify meaningful signal amidst an increasingly noisy cultural landscape.


Cryzen is your crypto trading assistant - it automates your trades so you don't have to sit in front of a computer all day! Various strategies available, based on TA, portfolio optimization theory, and soon machine learning / social media.


Lumeos, built on EOS, is the first decentralized infrastructure for data sharing enabling users to own and moneytize their data across the internet. Their mission is to be the Paypal for online data sharing. Their first product, Lumeos App, is a decentralized mobile app where users can connect their EOS account to their basic social data like age, gender, and location. In the app users can see all available polls to vote on, and are incentivized with LUME tokens to vote on various topics of interest.

They are also developing an SDK that embeds these polls onto any website which enables users to share anything, anywhere and profit from it.  Lumeos is backed by a team of top tier talent from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM as well as advisors from Everipedia and Civic.


Orbs is public blockchain infrastructure designed for businesses looking at trust as a competitive strategy. With blockchains as the new standard for impartial third-party source of verification, solutions can give strong guarantees that will make them more attractive to their users and ecosystem partners. To accommodate business needs, Orbs is pioneering a hybrid consensus architecture, keeping businesses in control of costs, governance and guaranteed performance, while still capturing the disruption of a truly decentralized Proof-of-Stake ecosystem with a permissionless validator pool. Founded in 2017, Orbs is being developed by a dedicated team of more than 60 people out of its offices in Tel Aviv, Israel; San Francisco, California, Singapore and Seoul, South Korea. Orbs was named Gartner's “Cool Vendor in Blockchain Technology” for 2018.

Pineapple World

Pineapple enables assets, services or infrastructure to be fractionalized and transferable between 2 billion mobile users in 160 countries across 600 telecom networks.

Chain Partners

Chain Partners is Korea's first blockchain company builder. We build, develop, invest, and accelerate blockchain companies. Chain Partners has a presence in every core area of the blockchain ecosystem - including blockchain development and advisory, exchanges and payment services, trading and investment, and media and education.

Since its founding in August 2017, Chain Partners has raised nearly $13M in seed and Series A funding from INBlockchain, DSC Investments, Capstone Partners, and DS Asset Management. The team consists of over 80+ entrepreneurs, engineers, and blockchain technologists.


Muzeek is the first true collaboration between musicians and A.I.

It was created to bring music production into the modern era, and answer the growing need for music that creatives and video producers have. To do so, they developed an artificial intelligence capable of creating hundreds of unique and original variations from a single original composition.

Today, they have created a full suite of tools designed to make the synchronization process much faster without sacrificing the musical fit and quality that typically comes with days of post-production work.


Talents in CoolBitX are dedicated in improving Bitcoin environment with easier, safer, and cooler technologies.

When national security programmer, encryption specialist, designers, and display card professionals put their minds together, miracles happen. A tiny improvement in the Bitcoin security can result in the currency stability; a tiny improvement in Bitcoin convenience can result in the wider adoption.

Happy Money Man Podcast

Founder Of EOS San Francisco, The EOS Podcast, & HappyMoneyMan Media.

EOS San Francisco

EOS, a new, high-performance Blockchain project that will enable smart contracts with significant performance and scalability benefits.

EOS Ignite

The First Webcast Conference For EOS Token Holders! Come join the global community for a virtual 24hr EOS webcast

Curio Cards

Curio Card's mission is to create a platform for artists and collectors that finally benefits artists. Until now it's not been possible to sell digital artwork without massive fees, theft, or restrictive DRM.

Curio is changing that.

Now you can own rare and collectible digital artwork, and interact with it in amazing new ways, all built on proven blockchain technology.


AlphaGrowth grows and manages active communities through video & storytelling, chatbot and voice experiences, campaigns & content distribution, social & dark social engagement, and everything in between.

Active communities help their customers qualify, improve & distribute services, recruit talent, and fill bounty requests ... and that's just the beginning.