Starfish Mission is a space for blockchain/crypto and Web 3.0, founded by Starfish Network. Blockchain is a foundational technology, like the internet or electricity. It has the potential to disrupt governance and economic systems. In order to move toward adoption, we need more mindshare, collaborative networks, founders, as well as established corporations building infrastructure and applications.

Starfish Network brings a budding industry together, locally and globally, by providing spaces that anchor the community which inspires us. Our network is chain-agnostic. We strive to live our values. Decentralization, community, collaboration.


Join a community of builders, founders and creators. Applications are welcome year-round. We offer fair rates with fixed desk options, floating desks and team offices. Perks and exclusive access to community resources. An international network of partner hubs.


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20+ COMMUNITY Events Per Month

We host over 20 public, leading industry events per month, in partnership with local Bay Area communities, anchored at Starfish Mission. We are striving to be a hub for talented people to learn, grow and connect on the daily.

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incubators and industry Insights

For Founders: Apply to our upcoming Incubator program to jumpstart the growth of your business. Understand the industry, by exploring our network. For Businesses, Investors and Funds: Find the right projects to support. Learn about the industry and explore trends.