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Demo Days

Looking to contribute in to the Blockchain ecosystem by building cool Dapps?

Blockstack is rEWaRDING and offering an office in san francisco for developers Building on blockstack.

  • Up to 20k a month for dev building on Blockstack

  • Help end data breaches, predatory ad models, and the commoditization & abuse of individuals' digital identities

  • Free office space at Starfish Mission + access to all events (at least 2 per week)


The Incubator Program at Starfish - Lean and Mean - Data Driven: Curriculum, Coworking and Mentorship

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We work with aptitude tests and more…

We are data-driven and lean and mean

Equity expectations: Early stage projects typically give up 5% of their equity, later-stage projects give up 1% of equity

We are an advisory or co-incubator. We will not take a large share of your business at the start..

Term: The Starfish Incubator Program works on a rolling admissions basis, each week has different content/workshops available

Our mentors are available for Q&A and mentoring to startups.. Our dedicated program manager.. is available

You’ll benefit of a free office space at Starfish Community, located in the heart of San Francisco on Market. Starfish is an eclectic, inclusive network of entrepreneurs and innovators, we welcome people who share this vision, drive and collaborative spirit.

Starfish always hosts many blockchain events so you’ll have many opportunities to share your work with people in the industry and meet great folks. Co-working members have access to a large boardroom, as well as three additional meeting rooms, podcast equipment, free printing, coffee, tea, snacks, free happy hours, and much more.


Mentors and Success Stories

Ken Sedgewick Demos his Lightning Payment Portal

Ken Sedgewick Demos his Lightning Payment Portal

Ronen Kirsh is a mentor

Ronen Kirsh is a mentor

Dan Held is a mentor (Kraken)

Dan Held is a mentor (Kraken)


Accelerate Your Startup

Register your functional app on App.co.

Register your functional app on App.co.

Improve your app. Improve your rank. Earn more BTC

Improve your app. Improve your rank. Earn more BTC

Learn to build your app and integrate Blockstack auth


Hit your Milestones, and Get Funded


Blockstack currently pays in BTC for legal compliance.

See below how much apps have earned in the equivalent of USD each month based on their rank.

Graduates of Starfish Incubator have access to an investor network from…