Starfish Partner Hubs

Starfish Partner hubs collaborate on supporting the Web3 community, by sharing member benefits and support with the Starfish community and vice versa. We are committed to connecting each other’s networks across borders and economies and carefully select our partner hubs based on vision, values and community standing. Starfish is part of a decentralized group of community builders around the globe who share member benefits, collaborate on research and experiment with new models of ownership.


Nonce in Seoul - Nonce is a distributed network of independent business units and self-sovereign individuals dedicated to blockchain and humans. Our mission is to curate, connect, cultivate trustworthy people building trustless technologies - future rebels who stay true to decentralization.


Hashhub in Tokyo - Hashhub’s coworking space in Hongo, Tokyo is a space where Web3-focused entrepreneurs in Japan and from overseas can gather and share their knowledge and ideas. Hashhub offers comprehensive support for resident projects and developers.

Dar Blockchain in Tunisia - Dar Blockchain is a pioneering Blockchain Hub in Africa. Our main purpose is to bring Blockchain technology to the mainstream by training freelancers and startups, as well as providing co-working and incubator support.

CryptoNYC - Crypto NYC is a 100% blockchain-focused, blockchain-agnostic community space, lab, and design studio dedicated to connecting and educating innovators using distributed ledger technology and decentralized applications to improve lives in New York City and around the world.

Blockspaces in Tampa, Florida is a blockchain technology education and development center. Our Mission is to foster the growth of fast-paced, innovative individuals, enterprises and startups by providing blockchain technology education, training and development services within a supportive live & online collaborative community.

For the community and by the community, Full Node is a co-working space in Berlin for blockchain initiatives, founded in 2018 by Gnosis and Cosmos. The co-working space is home to over 20 blockchain initiatives, working diligently and collaboratively to deliver on the technology’s long-term promises, and community events supporting Berlin’s unique decentralized technology ecosystem.


Progressbar is a blockchain cowork, hackerspace and hangout zone in downtown, Bratislava. They endorse various blockchain and decentralization projects. This co-working space cares about their community and trying to do best for their growth.


BlockShop DC is a hub for all things blockchain in Washington DC, focusing on real solutions and bringing together a wide range of stakeholders.