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sbt-ethereum: The Blockchain Is the Dapp with Steve Randy Waldman


6:00pm: Networking
6:30pm: sbt-ethereum Presentation


Ethereum has been live for more than four years, and we are still waiting for the killer dApp.

That’s just dumb.

The Ethereum blockchain is a utility that ordinary people with a modicum of technical sophistication can use directly, on our own terms. The ICO boom funded a lot of us, but it also derailed us by encouraging us to imagine the blockchain as a “backend" upon which expensively funded startups would build applications with “good UX” for “end users”.

Shouldn’t the point of the blockchain revolution be to dissolve rather than reinforce the distinction between “buidlers” and end-users? Must we wait around for every idea or experiment to launch with a sexy web or mobile user interface? A well-designed smart contract with an intuitive API can automatically define a straightforward UI. We should all be able to make our own homes on the blockchain.

sbt-ethereum is a tool intended to make Ethereum applications accessible to anyone not frightened by a command line or text-based app. It helps users get past the ugly, rough edges of interacting with the blockchain. Replace long hex addresses with intuitive aliases. Associate ABIs with addresses just once in your installation's permanent database, then tab complete to list and call smart-contract methods directly. sbt-ethereum is a keystore and wallet, a client to any smart contract, an ens manager, and a development environment for new smart contracts. For Scala developers, it produces high-performance stubs to integrate smart-contract interaction into any application, and serves as an extensible platform to build easy-to-use CLIs for Ethereum apps.

sbt-ethereum is a terminal for the world computer.

Steve will provide a quick tour of sbt-ethereum. If you come with laptops ready, he’ll help get you started.