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Bitcoin meetup (Lightning Rounds & Social)

Note: Remember to RSVP!

We'll be lightning talks** to highlight various projects and topics in the world of bitcoin. We will have short (1-5 minute) lighting talks for anyone who signs up. After the all of the speakers present their projects, we will be having a networking social for everyone to learn more about the projects and teams that present their ideas. All speakers will be live streamed, and the remainder of the evening will be for networking and socializing!

**Not specifically Lightning Network, but hopefully some lightning network projects.

This months speaker(s) are: Lightning Rounds

We'll have free beer, other beverages and food as usual (the food usually goes quickly)!

And finally, to give a lightning talk, just add your name to the list at the beginning of the meetup or message us, or comment below! Please let us know beforehand if you need to use the projector for your presentation.

To watch or share this events's live stream, check here: TBA, Link will be posted when the event starts either here or in the comments.