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  • Starfish Mission 1535 Mission Street (map)

The Event:
Instead of building a new social platform, how can we structure existing data to create more transparency into the crypto ecosystem? We will be discussing this question and many more at Starfish Mission the evening of Thursday April 24th. This event is free to attend.

This evenings menu will include:

Quinoa Salad (Tomato, basil,mozzarella,pesto)
California Green Salad - fresh local greens - ranch and Italian dressing
Lemon Pepper Chicken
Rosemary Roasted Potato.

Event Schedule:
6:00 Doors open + Refreshments
6:45 The Starfish Story by Community Manager Anthony Paglino
7:00 The Linkedin For Crypto by Hive.One Founder Maciek Laskus
7:30 The Changing Landscape of Global Networks Panel + Q&A
8:30 Networking
9:00 Doors close

The Presentation:
Title: - “The Linkedin for crypto”

How can network theory can be used to introduce a Linkedin-like structure on top of streams of data from Twitter, podcasts, events or Reddit. We will talk about early data-driven attempts to make sense of the crypto ecosystem and its social dynamics. We will also give examples of applications that have already been built on top of this data set by independent developers.

This project started from a simple experiment of using graph theory to find out who are the most influential accounts on Crypto Twitter. The results initially published on soon went viral.
About Maciek Laskus (founder of

10 years in tech. Built a 50 people org. Sold 1 company. Advisor at Ocean Protocol. Worked as a journalist since the age of 12 till 20.
The Panel
Title: Global First, Local Second; Changing landscape of the global networks

Our world used to be built on predominantly geographical proximity networks (local first). We are undergoing a shift towards idea networks (global first). We will discuss the potential consequences of this transition and how to navigate the changing landscape.

Maciek Laskus (founder @
Charlie Noyes (Partner @ Paradigm)
Mattia Gagliardi (Partner @ Zee Prime Capital)
Max Brody (CEO and Founder @

Event sponsors:
Starfish Mission is a hub for emerging tech communities with a focus on blockchain/Web3 and AI, based out of the mid-market area in San Francisco. As an organization, and network, Starfish is committed to creating spaces and learning networks for a community of projects and products.

Offerings at Starfish include coworking and office space, curated industry events, and education. Reach us at or visit

Zee Prime Capital is a VC investment firm based in Bratislava, Slovakia, investing mainly in early stage teams worldwide. The firm explores opportunities in the programmable asset class, collaborative intelligence and general proposals to solve coordination problems.