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Solidity Saturdays P2P Study Group (Self-Guided Tutorials in a Supportive Space)

  • Starfish Mission 1535 Mission Street San Francisco United States (map)

Come join your friends at the SF Ethereum Meetup for Solidity Saturdays!

This is part of the Blockchain Languages Peer-to-Peer Study Group offered at the bi-weekly blockchain learning fest event called Distributed Saturdays held at Starfish Mission. Here you can self-learn the languages of blockchain in a supportive environment.

No Solidity experience is necessary (but it would be great if you've coded in something). Pure interest goes a long way.

1) Bring your laptops!

2) Show up at Starfish and network to find like-minded peers. We'll make an announcement in the morning to help you find other people interested in learning Solidity or other blockchain languages as well. You can also self-organize a study group prior and bring them to Starfish.

3) Open up an online tutorial of your liking (suggestions below) and start learning in a room with others who are also learning.

4) That's it!

• CryptoZombies:
• SpaceDoggos:
• Ethernaut:
• Ethereum Pet Shop:

Interested in other blockchain language self-learning programs?
• Hyperledger Composer: Build a Hyperledger solution from scratch
• GoLang:,,
• Python:,
...and more.

If you've got a blockchain project you're working on or something you'd like to further your understanding of with others, please bring it!

Telegram supergroup for Solidity Saturdays:


Solidity Saturdays is now a part of "Distributed Saturdays", a bi-weekly, peer-to-peer blockchain and protocol-agnostic learning fest for both technical and non-technical people of ALL knowledge levels. This learning fest offers several tracks, including 1 to 3 featured learning sessions or workshops, Blockchain 101 + A Blockchain Roleplaying Game or Fresh Angle, Build-a-thon, Peer-to-Peer Learning, and the White Paper Book Club. Distributed Saturdays is a Starfish event held in partnership with SF Ethereum.

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Starfish Mission is a pioneering hub for the blockchain community - founded by the Starfish Network. We are dedicated to creating spaces and learning opportunities for the community which inspires us; to change commerce, communication and governance, effectively upgrading the operating system of our world.

Why Starfish? Starfish are decentralized, resilient organisms with no central control unit. All the arms communicate with each other to decide where to move next.

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SF Ethereum is a mission-driven organization that provides a forum for those interested in the movement towards decentralization, accountability, increased security, and transparency of business and government entities through the use of Ethereum blockchain technology.

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