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Building user-facing dApps for Ethereum

  • Starfish Mission 1535 Mission Street San Francisco United States (map)

This workshop is for those who are interested in developing user-facing dApps for Ethereum, You'll learn exactly what a dapp is, why users would want to use them, and how the UX for dApps is different than traditional applications.

In the workshop, we'll cover critical dApp components such as wallets, public & private keys, Ethereum accounts, transactions, and how to connect professional front-ends to Smart Contracts. We'll also review why MetaMask is so critical for dApps on Ethereum, what it does for users and dApp developers alike, and how to integrate it into any user-facing dApp.

About the presenter:

Mark is a Senior UI Engineer in the Bay Area with over 10 years of experience developing large-scale web applications.

He is currently helping developers learn how to build and design the world's first user-facing dApps using the best technologies available today.

His developer training programs at and are uniquely catered to developers and startups that need to create professional UIs for disruptive Smart Contracts on Ethereum.

You can check out Mark's webinar "How To Develop A User-Facing Blockchain Application" at