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Blockchain, Bitcoin & Ethereum 101 for Non-Technical Cats

  • Starfish Mission 1535 Mission Street San Francisco United States (map)

Are you tired of pretending that you know what Bitcoin & Ethereum is, what blockchain technology is...what A blockchain is for that matter???

Come to Starfish and we'll patiently guide you through the blockchain, Bitcoin & Ethereum jungle. You'll go in totes Blockchain Basic and come out as one Badass Blockchain .

***This introductory class is for non-technical cats.***
10:30am - 11:00am Networking
11:00am - 12:00pm Blockchain 101
12:00pm - 12:15pm Q&A
12:15pm - 12:20pm Break
12:20pm - 1:20pm Blockchain Roleplaying Game (topic subject to change)
1:20pm - 1:30pm Q&A + Where Will You Go From Here?


10:30 AM - Networking
Starfish Mission is a protocol-agnostic, Blockchain co-working space and community hub run by you, the community. We welcome both non-technical and technical blockchain enthusiasts, explorers, developers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and investors of ALL knowledge levels. Come meet your peers and see what road your new-found connections will take you down.

11:00 AM - What is Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum &
Why Should I Care?
We'll start off by breaking down what blockchain technology is, what a blockchain, Bitcoin & Ethereum are, and how it will benefit you, your business, and humanity.

12:00 PM - Q&A

12:15 PM - Break

12:20 PM - (Topic subject to change)
Nakamoto's Market: A Blockchain Roleplaying Game
This blockchain roleplaying game, created by your friends at ConsenSys, helps you to understand how a blockchain works in the real world. There will be four 15 minute rounds:
1) The Genesis Block
2) Creating a Digital Ledger
3) The Double Spend Problem
4) Collusion / 51% Attack

1:20 PM - Q&A + Where will you go from here?
And finally, what is it about blockchain technology that attracted you and what would you like to do with the knowledge that you're gaining in this space?


This Basics of Blockchain, Bitcoin & Ethereum class is a part of "Distributed Saturdays", a bi-weekly, peer-to-peer blockchain and protocol-agnostic learning fest for both technical and non-technical people of ALL knowledge levels. Distributed Saturdays is a Starfish event held in partnership with SF Ethereum.



Starfish Mission is a pioneering hub for the blockchain community - founded by the Starfish Network. We are dedicated to creating spaces and learning opportunities for the community which inspires us; to change commerce, communication and governance, effectively upgrading the operating system of our world.

Why Starfish? Starfish are decentralized, resilient organisms with no central control unit. All the arms communicate with each other to decide where to move next.

We are Starfish. You are Starfish.

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SF Ethereum is a mission-driven organization that provides a forum for those interested in the movement towards decentralization, accountability, increased security, and transparency of business and government entities through the use of Ethereum blockchain technology.

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