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CoinList + 0x Hackathon Workshop With Real Life 0x Engineer!

  • Starfish Mission 1535 Mission Street San Francisco United States (map)

[This LAPTOP-REQUIRED partner event with the Programmable Money Meetup Group is hosted by top blockchain developer, Fodé Diop. Don't miss this! You will kick yourself in the fanny.

Below is the post from his Meetup page. Scroll below that for REQUIREMENTS.]

Hello, SF!

Update 01/10/2019: We'll have a 0x engineer on site for the workshop.

We are moving back to Saturday meetups in concert with the Starfish Network.

Let's start the year strong by updating our skills and by earning crypto from hackathon bounties:

Project ideas:

The blockchain development ecosystem is changing very rapidly and today we'll explore what's new and what we need to learn to level up.


What is 0x?

0x Launch Kit:

0x Instant:

Coinlist and 0x have an upcoming month-long hackathon perfect for anybody to showcase or test their blockchain development chops:

This is the ideal time to experiment and build something for the Decentralized Finance section or play around with ERC721 non-fungible tokens.

We'll explore how teams can get started by leveraging the new 0x LaunchKit and 0x Instant to quickly prototype ideas. One would be to build a Relayer. If you have been dreaming about building a DEX or decentralized exchange, this is your perfect opportunity.

Want a head start? Start here:

Please join our Telegram Group for updates:

See you there!


Programmable Money is a hands-on Meetup led by top blockchain developer, Fode Diop. Please bring your laptop if you want to code along.

"Programmable money" is one shorthand example for smart contracts. As a simple example, you could create a payroll smart contract that pays a fixed amount of coins/tokens/whatever at a certain time each month to a given ERC20 compliant address. -- Hacker News

We believe that smart contracts are amazing and we should get this knowledge to as many people as possible so they can start experimenting. We are a hands-on workshop on how to program cryptocurrencies, crypto collectibles, blockchains, smart contracts and much more.


For entry-level workshops, any portable computer will do because we will be strictly working in the browser. For more advanced sessions you will, unfortunately, need a Mac OSX or a Linux computer if you want to follow along.***


This Programmable Money session is a part of "Distributed Saturdays", a bi-weekly, peer-to-peer blockchain and protocol-agnostic learning fest for both technical and non-technical people of ALL knowledge levels. This learning fest offers several tracks, including 1 to 3 featured learning sessions or workshops, Blockchain 101 + A Blockchain Roleplaying Game or Fresh Angle, Build-a-thon, Peer-to-Peer Learning, and the White Paper Book Club. Distributed Saturdays is a Starfish event held in partnership with SF Ethereum.



Starfish Mission is a pioneering hub for the blockchain community - founded by the Starfish Network. We are dedicated to creating spaces and learning opportunities for the community which inspires us; to change commerce, communication and governance, effectively upgrading the operating system of our world.

Why Starfish? Starfish are decentralized, resilient organisms with no central control unit. All the arms communicate with each other to decide where to move next.

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