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Dear Blockchain: Say Hello to RISC-V

  • Starfish Mission 1535 Mission Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States (map)

RISC-V is a new free and open instruction set architecture (ISA) developed at UC Berkeley, initially designed for research and education, but is now increasingly being used for commercial designs.

The aim of RISC-V is to provide a common CPU ISA that enables the next generation of system architecture development for several decades without the burden of legacy architecture issues. RISC-V can meet implementation requirements ranging from small-sized microprocessors with low power consumption to high-performance data center (DC) processors in all scenarios.

RISC-V is currently being used in and developed for a variety of products but mostly hardware and relatively new in the blockchain space. The most well-known blockchain Virtual Machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine is moving to WebAssembly (eWASM).

Nervos Common Knowledge Base (CKB), an open-source public blockchain (Github:, uses RISC-V in building its Virtual Machine. More details can be found on the CKB VM paper:

This is an educational event to introduce RISC-V to the commuity, please bring your questions :)

6:00-6:30 Meet & Greet
6:30-7:00 What is RISC-V and the state of RISC-V by Ted Marena
7:00-7:30 What is Virtual Machine, RISC-V based Blockchain Virtual Machine vs Web Assembly based VM by Matt Quinn

Ted Marena
Director, RISC-V Ecosystem, Western Digital

Ted Marena is responsible for evangelizing RISC-V and accelerating the
build out of the RISC-V ecosystem. He was elected Marketing Chair for
the RISC-V foundation in 2016. Marena has over 25 years’ experience
in electronics and excels at business development, marketing and
revenue growth. He started working as a design engineer, field
application engineer and a sales manager before he moved to
marketing and business development.

Matt Quinn
Co-founder, Starfish Network
Matt Quinn supports communities around blockchain technologies with educational events as part of the SF Ethereum Meetup and community space Starfish Mission.

Previously Matt has worked with large entities such as New York City and Apple to improve their financial operations with custom software.