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Culture Industry Experiment: Decentralized Art Exhibit & Buildathon

Culture Industry Experiment: Decentralized Art Exhibition & Buildathon brings together creative and developer ecosystems, artists and innovators, philosophers and activists, to repurpose the industry of culture.

We will reimagine our relationship to media, how artists and audiences connect, and how the emerging paradigm of crypto-economics provides tools for reimagining a values-aligned, economically viable, and thriving creative ecology.

• 10:00 | Doors open

• 10:30 | Panel: Intersection and Recent Co-Evolution of Art, Culture, and Technology

Panelists - 
Andrew McClintock, Owner & Curator at Ever Gold [Projects]
James Fleming, Design Program Manager at Facebook
Hannah Konitshek, Head of Biz Ops & Strategy at

Moderator - Matthew Pirkowski, Founder at C2

• 11:30 | Choose Your Own Adventure: Design Storytelling for Future States

Speaker - Yiying Lu, Founder & Director at Yiying Lu // Designer & Brand Strategist

• 12:30 | Buildathon: Design & Development of Arts Ecosystems

Identify needs & create solutions to compete for prizes! Focus on one track or explore them all:
(1) DApp & Smart Contracts, (2) Protocols & Tokenomics, (3) Design & Arts Ecosystem

Facilitator - Beth McCarthy, Arts & Research Programs at Starfish // Strategic Growth at Bee

(1) DApp & Smart Contracts Track

Overview connecting the morning’s panel & speaker insights to DApp and Smart Contract use cases, with option to deep dive into the tech behind building these. Get your hands dirty tackling issues at the intersection of art and emerging technologies.

Speaker - Matt Quinn, Starfish Founder & Blockchain Community Leader

Advisers - 
Travis Uhrig, CEO of Curio Cards
Tony Tran, CTO at Bee Token
Hannah Konitshek, Head of Biz Ops & Strategy at

(2) Protocol & Tokenomics Development Track

Are you interested in what makes crypto-economic ecosystems tick at a deeply structural level? Are you an art aficionado who can't get enough game theory? If so, this track is for you! We'll go through the fundamental considerations of protocol development and discuss how these apply to the economic landscape of the art world, and along the way gain more clarity as to where there might exist opportunities for novel protocols.

Speaker - Rob Peterson, Head of Blockchain at Bee

Advisers - 
Matthew Pirkowski, Founder at C2
Pieter Gunst, Co-Founder & President at

(3) Design & Arts Ecosystem Track

This will explore, from an artist's perspective, how the transformations happening within the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies promise to empower artists, open new economic models for collaborative creation and distributed ownership, and deepen the relationships between artists and those who resonate with their work.

Speaker - Ann Marie Alanes, Designer & Blockchain Community Leader

Advisers -

Yiying Lu, Founder & Director at Yiying Lu
Andrew McClintock, Owner & Curator at Ever Gold [Projects]
James Fleming, Design Program Manager at Facebook
Casey Cripe, Artist & creator of this event’s Collective Commission piece


• 20:00 | The Sublime is DAO: Art Exhibit & Experiments

An interactive experience that will bring to life + expand on the concepts explored and “hacked on” throughout the Buildathon, highlighting tangible connections and existing use cases for blockchain and the arts ecosystem, inspiring collaboration, and revealing future directions.

Featured Artists - 
Matt Quinn and Ann Marie Alanes
Benton C Bainbridge
Casey Cripe
Vera Gould
Yiying Lu
Cynthia Schuman

Music & Performers - 
The Noize Boys
DJ ETH Ledger
Matt & Friends band

- Exhibit of artworks for sale (payment available in cryptocurrency and fiat)

- Buildathon Presentations & Prizes

- Art Auction & Collective Commission powered by blockchain DApps

• 23:00 | End of Experiment! + after-drinks downstairs at Forgery

P.S. code STARFISHFAM gets you free tickets!!!