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Cold Storage

  • Starfish Mission 1535 Mission Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States (map)


We will walk you through all the cold and hot storage options for storing your crypto-assets, and risks involved with each option.

Please review the following terms before attending:

  1. Paper Wallet

  2. Hardware (Cold) Wallet

  3. Hot Wallet

  4. Private Key

  5. Public Key

  6. Thick Wallet

  7. Multi-signature Wallet

A few resources used for presentation:

  1. Jackson Palmer, Dogecoin Founder,

  2. Andreas Antonopoulos -

  3. Printing private keys on public printer thread -

  4. Amanda Johnson -

  5. Boxmining -

  6. Louis Thomas -

  7. Blockgeeks - How to protect your cryptocurrency -

About the Presenter:

Corey Harris, Blackchain cofounder, views Blockchain, DAG and crypto-currencies as a new economic paradigm shift. He writes regularly about token and crypto economics and wants to help foster of a community of well-informed Blockchain enthusiasts.

Check his blog out here: