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Gitcoin+Friends: A Celebration of Open Source Web3 Development

Gitcoin is coming to town and would like to celebrate the incredible growth of open source development in the Web3 ecosystem.

This event will feature information about getting paid to contribute to open source development projects through Gitcoin and a talk from John Woeltz of Secureware outlining security considerations and open source.

Gitcoin is the easiest way to leverage the open source community
to incentivize or monetize work.

Secureware is a security and operations firm dedicated to improving the security capabilities and practices of the blockchain ecosystem to enable the long-term growth and adoption of decentralized technology. We believe in the potential of this technology to have massive positive impact on our world and we contribute by filling in gaps in the space to help realize that potential. Our practices include support for secure software development lifecycle, performing security assessments, and development of tools for the secure and efficient operation of blockchain networks.

Shout out to the sponsors! Consensys and Dispatch Labs!

ConsenSys is a global formation of technologists and entrepreneurs building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world

Dispatch Labs is building a revolutionary business-ready blockchain protocol: an advanced platform that facilitates the upload and control of programmable files