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Blockchain Governance, Law and Policy Panel

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On Thursday October 11th, 2018, join us for an invite-only gathering at the heart of San Francisco’s blockchain community ecosystem to learn, hack, and jam on blockchain governance, law and policy. Some of the world’s top experts in these fields will be listening and sharing perspectives on how the intersections of governance, law, regulation, and policy with blockchain technologies promise both extraordinary new opportunities, but also create serious new risks.

VLAD ZAMFIR, Researcher @ Ethereum Foundation

Vlad Zamfir is a researcher known for his work on "cryptoeconomics", proof-of-stake and blockchain sharding in the Ethereum ecosystem. He is also concerned about ethics in the use and governance of blockchain technology.

Panelists + Thought Leaders

Tju Liang Chua, General Counsel @ Ethereum Network
Pieter Gunst, CEO + Co-Founder @Legal.Io

Oliver Goodenough, CodeX Stanford - Smart Contracts + Blockchain Boilerplate 
Kate Sills, Board Member @ Tezos Commons Foundation, Community Lead @ Agoric

Dazza Greenwood, MIT Media Lab, Visiting Scientist

Tony Lai, Legal.Io Founder + Codex Stanford Blockchain Group

Noah Thorp, Co-Founder @ CoMakery. Past VP Eng NASDAQ. 

Hannah Konitshek,Business Operations + Strategy @ Legal.Io. Former @LivingSocial.